Product Code: S20
Weight: 25.00kg
Dimensions: 63.00cm x 31.00cm x 27.50cm


CANNY S-20 Automatic Banknote Strapping Machine accepts Banded pack of banknotes,It take 10 banded packs one at a time and put them together to create a "brick" of banknote in a single package with a double  cross straps.

Banknotes are sealed are saled at 2 top crosses of the straps to prevent any banknotes from stolen from stack.


BankNote Size Height from 60mm-83mm in Height Random Length
Strapping Speed About 5 Seconds for Direction Strapping.
Dimensions 366mm (W) X 400mm(D) X 545mm(H)
Tape Roll 20mm(W)*150 Meters(L)
Net Weight 28 Kgs.
Power Supply Full Range 110V-240V 50/60HZ.
Power Consumption Max. 150W.
  Adjustable 5 strapping position.
  2 top sealing points in cross section for security
  Instant pressing force greater than 600KGF