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週二, 12 九月 2017 13:41


100 notes Banding machine, now with instant online printing features.


Bank name, Bank code,

Type of Currency, Denomination,

Date and time, & Operator Code


A. Specification


Strapping Capacity: 100mm(W)X200mm(H) for NBPRH

                             100mm(W)X100mm(H) for NBPR

Strapping Speed: 7 Cycles/min 

Dimensions: 300mm (W) X 318mm(D) X 268mm(H)

Tape Width/length: 40mmX150meters Paper Tape

Net Weight: 23.0 KGS.

Power Supply: Full AC110V - AC220V 50/60HZ.

Power Consumption: Max. 100W.

Prints 3 line Contents               Example


Type of Currency, Denomination      | REISSUE Rs.5000/ |

DD-MM-YYYY OPERATOR CODE  | 31-07-2017  1234  |



Desk -Top.

Automatic Strapping/Printing 3 lines

Microcomputer Controlled for Easy Operation.

Selectable 11 Strapping Positions.

Start Modes: Auto Start

Quick key Setup on Denomination Selection

Quick key Setup on Type of Currency

Ribbon Cartridge

Line matrix consumables are greener than serial or Ink printer consumables, and are able to print on papers and forms with a higher percentage of recycled content, Cartridge does not dry out as in the regular ink.


週四, 05 三月 2015 08:50

SIJIA will participate at CeBIT 2015!

SIJIA Corporation will participate at Cebit 2015 in Hannover, Germany, March 16-20,




Please visit us at Hall5 Booth number G69.




See you there!


週二, 03 三月 2015 08:59

CeBIT 2015!

SIJIA CORP. is a 3M Authorized distributor of 3M-Matic Machinery for Taiwan Region

Jan. 2015

We proudly announce that SIJIA CORP. is a 3M Authorized distributor of 3M-Matic Machinery for Taiwan Region.

Consistent. Reliable. Tough. And now, better than ever.

The end of your production line is no place for bottlenecks. That's why rock-solid dependability is the most important attribute of a case sealer. 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers have been setting the bar for consistent sealing reliability for more than 45 years. And there's a 3M-Matic case sealer for virtually any packaging requirement in any size operation. You can count on it.
Improve throughput and reduce packaging costs
For 45 years, 3M has been the leader in case sealing equipment. 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers provide economic automation for carton sealing. A range of solutions can increase throughput while decreasing packaging costs.
• Solutions for start-ups
• Automation for large companies

Customized Equipment

Built around your product needs

3M as a market leader in case sealing equipment realizes it's not one size fits all. We have a unique capability to take an existing 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer and customize it to securely seal your unique cartons.

Some of our capabilities include width and height modifications, accommodating lighter or heavy weight boxes, and integrating unique tape set ups.


In stock and ready to ship!

For more information on 3M-Matic products

please e-mail: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

週四, 15 一月 2015 15:18

The Calling Card for Packaging: Labels

© interpack, Messe Düsseldorf

The Calling Card for Packaging: Labels

December 2014 – Many consumers only decide at the point of sale (POS) whether they want to buy a particular product or not. Proving particularly decisive here is the visual impact of the packaging: alongside material and design labels play an important role.


© interpack

Digital printing is growing rapidly making it possible, for instance, to adapt labelling on a seasonal basis. © interpack

Modern Labelling Technology in the Packaging Sector
Over 80% of all bottles of wine sold in the USA find their way into the shopping basket on the basis of their label. Current figures like this highlight the key significance of product decoration and this was one of the topics featured in a panel discussion on the future of product decoration and label printing methods recently organised by the Federation of Self-Adhesive Label Producers ‘FINAT’ for packaging experts and brand owners from various market segments.


Comprehensive Selection of Different Labels
There are many technologies for label printing: from (self)-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and in-mould labels for flexible packaging through to direct container printing or multiple printing processes. Depending on the print run and norms to be observed, decoration trends like 3D packaging printing, metallisation, holography or leaflet labelling are now enjoying ever greater popularity.


Labelling Redefined
Ever more large companies are now attempting to optimise their packaging and printing tasks by means of internal processes. This means delivery time can be reduced to a minimum and faster communication options with the marketing department make it possible to avoid the disposal of old labels thanks to a change in product design. Precisely on this point it is advisable to involve label suppliers in an early stage of the production process. Currently, decisions on decoration technology are made much later along the supply chain. This means the shape of packaging may still have to be changed in the end to make, for instance, shrink labelling possible.

Digital Printing on the Rise
Experts agree that due to the rising interest in online ordering the current model for packaging and labelling will see changes. In the experts’ view, digital printing holds great promise. Due to its efficiency, especially for small formats and low print runs, the system is already in widespread use in label production. Because printing forms DRUCKFORM are not required costs are lower than with silkscreen printing. Furthermore, changes can be carried out right up until the last minute. Modern digital printing technology makes companies more flexible and therefore also more sustainable.

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