Product Code: P-30S
Weight: 27.00kg
Dimensions: 30.00cm x 31.80cm x 26.80cm


Dimensions 442mm(W)x297(D)x376mm(H)
Net Weight 16.8kg
Power Supply Select AC110v or AC220v 50/60HZ
Bundle size 200mm(W)x200mm(H)
Binding speed 16~18 times/min


  • Easy Operation
  • Fast strapping speed
  • Automatic heat sealing and binding without peculiar smell
  • Three-stage adjustable tension
  • Three activation modes: automatic, manual and foot pedal
  • The same machine can use kraft paper tape and OPP transparent tape
  • Provide custom printing of paper bags and OPP transparent tape
  • Easy Tape Exchange
  • The straps can be used with a width of 20mm or 30mm or 40mm
    (can be customized)
  • Paper tape and OPP transparent tape can be printed, and can be customized with special specifications