Product Code: S20
Weight: 25.00kg
Dimensions: 63.00cm x 31.00cm x 27.50cm


Applicable Notes The width of the banknote is 65mm-100mm and the length is not limited
Binding speed About 7 seconds for each compression and binding
Appearance Dimensions 366mm (solid) x400mm (d) x545mm (h)
Use power AC110V 60HZ
Power consumption Maximum 200W
Net Weight 28kg
Belt width 20mm


  • Extra strong transparent tape automatically and quickly bundled
  • Micro-level control is easy and safe to operate
  • The heat-pressed sealing tape is beautiful and does not hurt the banknotes
  • All-plastic shell is small and lightweight
  • Vertical strapping position can be adjusted by six inches
  • Stable and durable quality with automatic ironing point